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In Indian Creek…without a rack Posted on 10.17.2010 by greg.kuchyt
Love Muffin Cafe - Moab, UT

Love Muffin Cafe - Moab, UT

Effectively we’re up shit creek without a paddle…or more fitting, we’re all dressed up with no place to go. Since we’re meeting a friend out here who has 10 sets of cams we decided not to bring our own rack. Now we’re sitting in the Love Muffin cafe in Moab, hoping the day won’t be completely burnt waiting to meet up with our gear supplier. It’s quarter to 8 here, and we’re still sitting around. My vote is today is a burned day, but maybe that’s the pessimism from a 20 hour day yesterday.

If in the Moab area, check out Love Muffin. Here’s a parting shot of Don and the interior of the cafe.