While trying to create custom tools to support the work being done to replace bolts in Vermont (https://vtboltreplace.org), I started working out of the local maker space, Generator (https://generatorvt.com/).

Through the process of learning how to use machine tools at the shop to make the tools I needed, I became more and more interested in learning how to improve my skills as a machinist and later as a metal worker and fabricator. At best I would qualify my skills as a hobbyist at best, but in a short time I’ve seen my capabilities grow exponentially. While at one point running a lathe was an overloading experience I’ve seen my skillset grow to include welding, CAD/CAM, and more general metalworking.

Below are a collection of some of the projects I’ve worked on either for bolt replacement work, personal work, or shop related to supporting the on-going operation of the metal shop.