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Welding torch holders Posted on 06.02.2019 by greg.kuchyt

Just some built in-house torch holders I made for our MIG and TIG torches based off various versions built by others found via Google searches.

Process: Designed in Fusion 360 using the Sheet Metal module, cut on a CNC plasma table, bent by hand, abrasive blasted, spray painted, then the text/graphics were etched with a C02 laser.

Machining and fabricating work Posted on 04.03.2019 by greg.kuchyt

As I work more on metal working/machining projects I have started to document them. Maybe at some point it will serve as a lens to see skills progress and possibly an informational repository to keep track of drawings, etc.

This content will be under the Machining/fabrication page

Installing Puppet Open Source on RHEL 6 Notes Posted on 07.15.2015 by greg.kuchyt

We’re just starting to get our feet wet with Puppet and we found the documentation woefully underwhelming. Here are our notes for getting a basic master/agent setup going with a “Hello world” manifest.

Basic Assumptions: SELinux is disabled

On your master

  • Install puppet and puppetserver packages
        yum install puppet puppetserver
  • Create the Puppet Master CA by running
        sudo puppet master --verbose --no-daemonize

    Once Notice: Starting Puppet master version appears, CTRL+C

  • Configure the following in the main/master section of /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
        dns_alt_names = host.fqdn.tld,alt_name
        environment_timeout = unlimited
        environmentpath = $confdir/environments
  • Create the following directories
    • /etc/puppet/environments/production
    • /etc/puppet/environments/production/manifests
    • /etc/puppet/environments/production/modules
  • Create /etc/puppet/environments/production/manifests/site.pp with the following
    notify {"Hello world!":}
  • Run service puppetserver start
  • Open 8140 on firewall rules

On your agent

  • Install puppet
  • Configure /etc/puppet/puppet.conf with the following
        server = hostname.fqdn.tld
        environment = production
  • Run puppet agent --test or start the puppet agent via service puppet start

On Master

  • Run puppet cert sign agenthostname.fqdn.tld

On agent

  • Run puppet agent --test and look for Hello world notice

New photo gallery Posted on 02.19.2010 by greg.kuchyt

I ran across Plogger today. After installing it and playing around with it for a little bit I was sold on it. It’s simple, yet still has a bunch of features, is theme-able, and supports a plugin architecture. It had me at hello. The “Photos” link above will take you to it.

Interesting video project Posted on 12.31.2009 by greg.kuchyt

Fifty Classic Climbs of North America from Mark Smiley on Vimeo.

I think there is a lot of potential for some good footage to come out of this project. I think this first clip is done well and provides an interesting look into the dynamics of a climbing partnership. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Smiley’s project. I’d also like to offer my best wishes in getting the right conditions for Gorillas in the Mist.
Edited: I just realized that this is Fifty Classic Climbs and not Fifty Favorite Climbs, so my comment about Gorillas in the Mist is irrelevant.

’09 Rock Report Card Posted on 11.26.2009 by greg.kuchyt

Here’s the report card for the 2009 rock season. I think it’s a pretty strong showing, especially towards the end of the season when I got my confidence up. Counting down the days until I can let loose on the rock again. 2009 Rock Report Card

Whoops… Posted on 11.05.2009 by greg.kuchyt

So I lost the old site due to a power outage caused by a squirrel (long story). I’m going to make a serious effort to get this back on track. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life right now and I think some of it is worth sharing. I’m sure this will just end up with me never updating this…as usual.