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Selenium Grid with remote ChromeDriver Posted on 07.13.2018 by greg.kuchyt

Trying to get Selenium Grid using standalone server 3.13 was kind of a pain. My Chrome remote webdriver calls would error with WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist.

The solution of adding –headless and –no-sandbox to the arguments to ChromeDriver is easily found with a basic Google search but implementing that in Python wasn’t exactly straight-forward. In my reading of the docs it seemed that adding an array to the capabilities dictionary keyed  as ‘args’ would pass those arguments on to the subsequent call to chromedriver. Testing showed that that was wrong.

Fortunately, the ChromeOptions object has a method that will convert it into a DesiredCapabilities object that can be passed to the webdriver.Remote instantiation. See below.

chrome_options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
self.browser = webdriver.Remote(command_executor="http://seleniumhub.domain.fqdn:4444/wd/hub", desired_capabilities=chrome_options.to_capabilities())